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Petrov, Evgeni

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Trud - Bulgaria | 04/12/2011

Evgeni Petrov on fear and censorship in Bulgarian media

Columns by veteran journalist Evgeni Petrov in the Bulgarian online portal Blitz were discontinued not long ago when the controversial Bulgarian media owner Irena Krasteva allegedly purchased 50 percent of the popular tabloid-style medium. Press freedom is in a worse state than ever before, Petrov complains in the daily Trud: "I've been a journalist for 32 years but I've never experienced censorship or repression of the freedom of opinion like we're seeing today. ... The media are completely under the control of businesses and publishers serving their own personal and economic interests. Fear, humiliation and subservience are part of a journalist's daily life in today's Bulgaria. The fourth power, whose purpose is to oversee and correct the other powers, no longer exists. All that exists is servility and thoughts of survival. It's not the journalists who are to blame for this, however, but the pseudo-publishers, banks and businesses that have deliberately about this situation with obscure flows of money. Their grip on the media is even tighter than the Mafia's control over the judiciary."

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