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Petrovič, Juraj

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Blog Sme - Slovakia | 19/05/2010

Bratislava's overblown reaction to Hungary's plans

According to journalist Juraj Petrovič the Slovakian leadership is reacting hysterically to the plans of the new government in Budapest to offer Hungarians living abroad Hungarian citizenship. In his blog for the liberal daily Sme he asks what's so bad about dual citizenship: "Every citizen of an EU member state already has dual citizenship, so to speak. This also goes for the hundreds of Slovakians living abroad who are citizens of the most diverse countries. There's no problem with them. Why not? Just because they're not Hungarians? ... Our government simply needed to come up with something that would divert attention from the scandals we find daily in the media. So [Hungary's Prime Minister] Viktor Orbán came in very handy as an excuse to call up the state's security council, stir up a fuss all over Europe, generate a threatening atmosphere and act like our biggest problem is the Hungarian law on dual citizenship."

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