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Petrova, Diana

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Trud - Bulgaria | 20/02/2012

Stasi files should expose credit millionaires

Before the Bulgarian bank crisis of 1996 and 1997, when one third of all Bulgarian banks went bankrupt, a few people took out loans in the millions which they presumably never paid back. To look into the widespread suspicion that the so-called credit millionaires are former communist secret service agents, the daily Trud demands that the secret service files be opened. The step would involve a legal amendment as it would mean publicly identifying suspects as secret service collaborators: "A tiny legal amendment of two or three words would finally reveal the truth about these people's inexplicable wealth and the role of the secret service in privatising the banking sector. ... If [the ruling party] Gerb really wants to do all it can to investigate the secret service old-boy network, as it says, then we expect it to amend the law to bring all hidden information from the archives to light. Even if it's too late for any legal action to be taken, at least do it for the history books."

Trud - Bulgaria | 18/12/2011

Orthodox Church must ask for forgiveness

Bulgaria has passed legislation requiring that the intelligence service files of leading members of the clergy of all religious communities be made public. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church was not a religious community but a denomination, the Holy Synod explained on Sunday in an attempt to evade the law. Such a stance is unworthy of the Orthodox Church, the daily Trud complains: "The clergy have had 20 years to prepare the faithful for this moment, to do penance and explain how they served the police as well as God: 'To save the Church and protect you from persecution we had dealings with the secret police', or something along those lines. But only Joseph, Metropolitan of the New York Bulgarian Orthodox Church, has shown contrition for his connections to the secret police. All the others claimed to be clean and free of blame. In view of the anticipated revelations the Church must prepare itself for a retaliation from society. The clergy will have to empty its bitter chalice and can only hope that the faithful will find the strength within themselves to forgive it."

Trud - Bulgaria | 20/11/2011

Orthodox Church dogged by secret service past

The authority charged with the archives of the communist secret service in Bulgaria wants to publish the files of leading clerics of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. The Church is trying to prevent this and has appealed against the move. It obviously has something to hide, the daily Trud concludes: "The clerics, who never tire of repeating that the Church is separate from the state, have made major progress in terms of emancipation. They don't pay social benefits, they don't pay taxes for Church buildings and now they want the authority in charge of the communist secret service files to spare them. Why? Perhaps they don't want the faithful to learn the truth about them? ... It could turn out to be the case that instead of spreading the Good Word priests disseminated hate and pushed people into the abyss. That their real boss was not the saviour whose sacrifice they were to revere but some obscure top-ranking state security official."

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