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Petroulakis, Andreas, Greece

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2 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 29/04/2015

Referendum in Greece would be disastrous

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a televised interview on Monday that he was confident that an agreement would soon be reached on more financial aid for his country. At the same time he brought up the idea of holding a referendum on controversial reforms. The liberal web portal Protagon doesn't think much of the idea: "Holding a referendum would be a grave mistake with unforeseeable consequences. No nation is in a position to make decisions on issues which require expert knowledge and a deep understanding of complex problems. … Making important decisions is the task of the democratically elected politicians and parliaments that must accept the burden of responsibility - not the task of the citizens. The government must test the limits of its much extolled ability to act and reach an agreement with the creditors. … It has a strong mandate that doesn't require reaffirmation. And that mandate is to keep the country in the Eurozone." - Greece | 08/01/2014

Greek prisoners have right to prison leave

One of Greece's most dangerous terrorists, Christodoulos Xiros, went into hiding on Monday during his prison leave. Xiros belonged to the terrorist group 17 November, which killed 23 people between 1975 and 2002. The government now wants to tighten the rules governing leave for prisoners, a move the web portal Protagon views with a critical eye: "It is to be feared that Xiros's escape will result in massive limitations on the right to furlough. ... We should not forget that there are people sitting out prison sentences whose most ardent wish is to earn their freedom. If the state limits prison leave, it will affect many inmates. ... The true responsibility for this state of affairs does not lie with the prisons or the law enforcement authorities, but with the politicians who should have implemented a law on electronic surveillance systems with bracelets for prisoners, but didn't."

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