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Petrescu, Raluca

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Adevârul - Romania | 14/06/2013

Reduce earthquake risks instead of hiding them

The Mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, plans to have an earthquake risk map drawn up for his city. However the map is to remain secret so as to avoid creating a panic. PR expert Raluca Petrescu condemns this as absurd on the blog portal of the daily paper Adevărul: "Mr Oprescu probably believes that publishing the map would cause a generalised hysteria as a result of which the inhabitants of Bucharest will abandon their homes and take to living in tents. Or he thinks people will demand that their apartments are made earthquake-proof. … Even without the map we know that many houses would be flattened in the event of a strong earthquake. … There is already a public list of 380 multi-storey buildings that would most likely collapse. … For my part I would certainly sleep better in my apartment block if the mayor were to declare the renovation of endangered buildings a priority instead of keeping secret information that is of public interest."

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