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Petkov, Krastyo

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Trud - Bulgaria | 13/02/2011

Bulgaria's future in IT

Just under half of all Bulgarians submitted the forms for a current census over the Internet. That puts Bulgaria on the cutting edge regarding Internet use, the daily Trud writes, identifying an economic opportunity which the country must put to good use: "For years we Bulgarians have been considered to be bringing up the rear in the European cultural family. ... However now something is happening that puts Bulgaria right at the forefront. ... Reason enough to rethink our position, goals and strategies within the EU. When one in every two Bulgarians and 37 percent of households use the Internet not just for fun but also as a professional communication medium, we are among those societies where the Internet revolution has taken place. If you add to that the good reputation of Bulgarian IT specialists worldwide ... you see we have ample potential to free ourselves from the status of an economic colony with inexpensive services and cheap labour we've had for the last 15 years."

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