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Persson, Daniel

Columnist Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 04/04/2012

Cooperation instead of conflict

The 30th anniversary of the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentine troops prompts the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet to call for greater cooperation between Argentina and the UK: "The new oil reserves that have been discovered in the area have made the Falklands attractive for Argentina once more. For President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner the conflict provides a good opportunity to divert attention from her failed domestic policies. The inhabitants of the Falklands have the right to self-determination. As long as they want to be British, the UK has the right and the duty to protect their status. The British Foreign Secretary William Hague announced on Monday that it would be better to focus on cooperation rather than conflict. He's right, but both parties must want this."  

Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 18/01/2012

Wikipedia strengthens freedom of opinion on web

The English version of the Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia has been taken offline today, Wednesday. The site's founders are protesting in this way against a planned US law that would introduce Internet blackouts so as to protect copyrights. The conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet supports Wikipedia's move: "According to the law, foreign websites are to be hindered from infringing US property rights - primarily intellectual. However the law is very vague, and its field of application can be extended almost at will. To be on the safe side, contents will have to be verified in advance - that is, subjected to censorship - instead of having only that part blocked that violated the law currently in force, as has been the case until now. For websites like Wikipedia or Facebook whose contents are put online by their users, that can have dire consequences. ... The risk is great that the planned law will curtail the freedom of opinion if businesses don't dare allow users to link to other websites. The infringement of copyrights is an important issue, but this is the wrong way to address it."

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