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Perrin, Jean-Pierre

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Libération - France | 31/10/2015

Syria conference in Vienna - bombs in Aleppo

The states that participated in the Syria conference in Vienna on Friday agreed on the basic points of a peace process, although the future of the Assad regime remains a bone of contention. All in all the talks have not achieved much, the centre-left daily Libération sighs: "The chaos on the ground seems to be reflected on the diplomatic scene. For now there seems to be just one victorious party: Iran. The country has returned to the international stage and secured its presence in Syria with minimal military commitment. The Syrian regime was not invited to Vienna (nor was the opposition) and has vented its dissatisfaction with the customary violence, bombing a market in Douma (in the suburbs of Damascus) and a neighbourhood of Aleppo, both of which are controlled by the rebels. 91 people, including 17 children, were killed in the attacks."

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