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Perras, Arne

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Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | 19/05/2014

Hindu nationalist Modi brings a deadly threat

Following the clear election victory of his Hindu-nationalist BJP party, India's prime minister designate Narendra Modi began with the formation of his government on Sunday. The Indians have taken a risk with Modi, the daily Tages-Anzeiger observes: "He rose to power in the milieu of the right-wing Hindu hardliners, meaning that he carries a lethal injection in his luggage. If he tries to destroy the tolerance that is prevalent in Indian life, if he ruthlessly cements the Hindus' dominance at the expense of the minorities, a harsh, hostile climate will spread throughout the country. ... This would breed tensions and violence instead of advances. ... Modi must extract himself from the circles of his radical mentors. What's more, now that he has a broad-based mandate he must do everything he can to encourage reconciliation rather than to divide. Otherwise he will undermine a state whose strength lies in the diversity of its cultures. To attack that diversity would be an assault on the very soul of India."

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