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Perakis, Paraskevas

Haniotika Nea, Greece

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Haniotika Nea - Greece | 15/10/2015

The death of the Greek farmer

The Greek government is planning to introduce a reform whereby only those who earn at least half their income from agriculture will be considered farmers. The Cretan regional paper Haniotika Nea writes that only big farmers will benefit from the decision: "Why does Agriculture Minister [Vangelis Apostolou] speak of equal treatment? ... The big farmers don't have the same problems as the little farmer in Chania on Crete. He must fight day in, day out for the land that was handed down to him by his forefathers. And at the same time he must work for other farmers, or even in construction. He has the bank breathing down his neck to repay his loans, and he also has to pay taxes on his little piece of land. His products aren't protected against imports. ... The farmers the minister is talking about have nothing in common with the little farmer we all know. The latter, however, is being destroyed."

Haniotika Nea - Greece | 23/04/2014

Greeks living a nightmare for four years

On the fourth anniversary of the day when then Prime Minister Giorgos Papandreou announced that Greece would need international assistance, the liberal regional daily Haniotika Nea delivers a devastating assessment of the results: "For the Greeks, a journey into the unknown began, whereby the average citizen had no idea how rough the seas would be. ... The Greeks lost not only their labour rights but also saw their salaries and pensions shrink. Then there were the drastic cuts in the healthcare and education sectors. At the same time we watched friends and neighbours sink into depression, become homeless or even commit suicide. Greece is battling to end this trip to hell. The citizens still hope to find their Ithaca, but this island still doesn't appear on any map."

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