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Péron, Didier

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Libération - France | 04/11/2015

Photos of dead refugees no longer taboo

Roughly 70 babies have drowned in the Aegean Sea since the refugee boy Aylan died at the start of September, the spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees announced on Twitter last week. The rise in the number of press photos of dead refugees testifies to a change in attitude, the centre-left daily Libération comments: "It seems as if photographers, who are often stunned to witness the eternal tragedy of deadly borders and unreachable harbours, are no longer refraining from turning their cameras on the bodies of children and adolescents. With the strange posthumous stardom imposed on Aylan a taboo has been broken. Who do these images belong to, and should we show them? The truth is that there's no answer to this question, except when the force of events breaks through prohibitions and reservations and obliges us to take another look at these gazes that we will never see again."

Libération - France | 13/09/2010

Claude Chabrol's cinematic legacy in danger

The French filmmaker Claude Chabrol died on Sunday in Paris aged 80. The left-liberal daily Libération renders tribute to the founding member of the French Nouvelle Vague in its leading article, while voicing concern over the director's cultural legacy: "Chabrol, much loved by the media, was a funny fellow, in fact much funnier than his films. He occupied a singular position in French cinema. He chalked up success after success, and was one of the few star directors whose name alone could fill the cinemas. At the same time he never lost his rebellious audacity. ... Perhaps precisely because of his notoriety as a joker his posterity is problematic in France. Few young filmmakers say he was influential for them, and until proof emerges to the contrary, the flame of social satire would appear to have died with him."

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