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Perica, Silvana

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Večernji list - Croatia | 18/12/2015

Putin's penchant for oddballs

At his press conference the Russian president showed a fondness for people with a dubious reputation in the West, the conservative daily Večernji list comments: "Putin gave us an insight into his world, in which Fifa boss Sepp Blatter deserves not criminal investigations but the Nobel Peace Prize. In Putin's world Donald Trump is not a nutcase, as even the German weekly Die Zeit describes him, but a talented, brilliant man, the absolute frontrunner of the US presidential campaign. With Putin in Russia, someone like Trump leading the United States of America is all the world needs now!"

Večernji list - Croatia | 13/02/2015

Putin gets what he wants again

The result of the Minsk peace talks is fragile and reminiscent of the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: "One can hardly expect an end to the bloodbath in Ukraine with the ceasefire that's been agreed on. Putin has once more got what he wants with this agreement, in this case autonomy for eastern Ukraine. But the question is whether that's good for Ukraine and whether the agreement will hold. Because autonomy for Luhansk and Donetsk would mean that the Russians have a firm foothold in the country. ... All of this is reminiscent of the unfortunate division of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the conqueror got the biggest slice of the pie and a land was created that remains dysfunctional even today."

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