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Perez, Benito

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1.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 19/01/2016

Benito Perez warns against punishing social protest as a crime

Eight former employees of the tire manufacturer Goodyear were sentenced to nine months in jail last week. They had taken two managers of their factory ... » more

2.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 21/09/2015

Syriza must not bow down to creditors

Syriza must now give itself some elbow room vis-à-vis its creditors, the Christian-social daily Le Courrier advises: "The irony of history is that the leader ... » more

3.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 14/07/2015

Greek crisis: Syriza's defeat also brings hope

The government in Athens has brought Europe forward by showing just how cruel the EU is, the Christian-social daily Le Courrier writes: "It's not a ... » more

4.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 07/07/2015

Greferendum forces EU to rethink strategy

With the no in the Greek referendum the EU has started to free itself of its neoliberal straitjacket, the Christian-social daily Le Courrier hopes: "Thanks ... » more

5.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 22/04/2015

Hope for stricter rules for multinationals

More than 60 human rights and relief organisations initiated a petition for a referendum in Bern on Tuesday, and will gather signatures until October 2016 ... » more

6.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 11/02/2014

Free Bosnia from IMF's control

The poverty and unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the result of the IMF's economic policies, the left-leaning daily Le Courier criticises: "Under pressure from ... » more

7.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 02/12/2013

WTO in the vicious circle of liberalisation

Ten new free trade agreements are to be signed at the WTO's Ministerial Conference which begins today on Bali. The left-leaning daily Le Courrier wonders ... » more

8.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 20/09/2013

Leftists must stop neo-fascists

A supporter of the Greek far-right Golden Dawn party stabbed the left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas (aka Killah P) on Tuesday. Only an efficient left can ... » more

9.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 16/04/2013

Venezuelan opposition on the rise

Above all the electoral gains made by the Venezuelan opposition are striking, the left-leaning daily Le Courrier writes: "The clear message sent at the voting ... » more

10.  Le Courrier - Switzerland | 21/09/2010

Development cannot be decreed

Taking a dim view of the interim results of the UN's Millennium Goals, the left-wing weekly Le Courrier writes: "Ten years ago the international community, ... » more


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