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Perez, Benito

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Le Courrier - Switzerland | 18/01/2011

Goals of the revolution in peril

The transitional government formed by Tunisian Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi wobbled the very same day it was sworn in, while unrest in the country is so great that the revolution may prove unable to achieve its goals, fears the left-leaning newspaper Le Courrier: "Of course such an extremely uncertain situation is perilous, as the transitional government, neighbouring states and the capitals of the West never stop repeating. They would all like to see the Tunisians go back home. The chaos fanned in the last two days by isolated snipers has no other goal than to spread terror and push people to a compromise. It remains to be seen whether the biggest risk isn't for Tunisians to stop right in mid-stream and allow the wave of emancipation that has rocked the country for the last month to ebb. By throwing themselves into the arms of a dying caste [with the formation of the interim government] the 'legal' former opposition (or to be precise the hangers-on) has taken this risk under the pretext of stemming anarchy."

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