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Pereira, Ricardo Araújo

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Visão - Portugal | 30/07/2013

Swot Portugal fails nonetheless

Entertainer and journalist Ricardo Araújo Pereira rails in the weekly magazine Visão against EU model pupil Portugal, which has received high praise for its austerity drive: "The Greeks didn't carry out the measures agreed with the troika and therefore missed their targets. Portugal carried out all the required measures but still hasn't reached its goals. … A pupil who does all his homework and still doesn't get good grades is not a model pupil. He's just dumb. Portugal is dumb. This is the harsh reality. The Greeks at least have the excuse that they don't really care about the adjustment programme. By contrast we really are making an effort, but we still haven't reached our goals. We're failing as swots because we can't make the grade in school but we don't get the interesting girls either, like the bad pupils do. It's high time we reach a decision on what we want."

Visão - Portugal | 14/04/2011

Ricardo Araújo Pereira on Portugal's pig existence

First Portugal was one of the PIGS, now the country is on the brink of turning into junk, Ricardo Araújo Pereira comments ironically in the weekly magazine Visão: "The rating agencies and the financial markets are saying that the pig is on its way to becoming junk. We are the pig. And the junk too - which is strange - but physically improbable, because it's not easy to be on the way to what you really are. The interesting thing is that the opinion of the financial markets is no real secret. It is being published on the front pages of all the newspapers. There are front-page stories about the pig and reports on how far it is from turning into junk. The markets may have many faults, but at least they're honest. If they believe that a country is pig-like and is turning into junk they say it straight to your face. There is little likelihood that Portugal will come up with a witty retort.  It would be fitting if the news 'Financial markets see the country at one level above junk status' was accompanied by the headline: 'Portugal renegotiates its debts with the pimps'. … But while an insult voiced by a lender is economic reality, coming from a debtor it's just primitive ideology."

Visão - Portugal | 06/05/2010

Pope seeks solace in scandal-ridden Portugal

The Pope's visit to Portugal from 11 - 14 May at a time when the Catholic Church is being rocked by paedophilia scandals is a clever move, the news magazine Visão writes: "When you're caught up in a scandal travelling to a country where scandals are part of everyday life is an exceedingly sensible idea. Benedict XVI probably has less cause to worry than all the dignitaries he will meet. Portugal is the Brobdingnag of scandals. Just as Gulliver felt tiny in Brobdingnag, foreign scandals seem tiny by comparison to those in Portugal. ... Who would dare to blame the Pope for leading an institution that only apologised to Galileo Galilei 350 years after he was condemned when that's how long the average court case lasts in Portugal? Here everyone can feel faultless. That's probably the secret to our famous hospitality."

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