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Pereda, Rosa

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El País - Spain | 15/07/2010

States should keep count of women murdered.

Spain gathers precise figures on the number of cases in which women are murdered by their husbands or ex-husbands. There have already been 39 such cases this year, representing an increase on last year. Other countries don't even keep count of such cases, comments writer Rosa Pereda critically in the left-liberal daily El País: "Foreign tourists are amazed at how often murders are committed in Spain. True, but that's because we keep count, I tend to reply, and if you don't keep count it doesn't count. Spain and Canada keep count - and no one else. One of the demands of the feminists within the United Nations is that member states be obliged to keep count of the number of women murdered, but many refuse."

El País - Spain | 28/04/2010

Pupils should be allowed to wear crucifixes and headscarves

After a Muslim pupil was banned from attending class for wearing a headscarf, writer Rosa Pereda defends personal rights in the left-liberal daily El País: "We citizens have the right to belong to a religion and practice that religion or not practice any religion, as we see fit. And we have no reason to conceal this. … Religion is a private matter, but not a secret one. Naturally pupils are allowed to wear crucifixes or solideos [worn by Catholic bishops on their heads] or headscarves. And the public sphere respects them and teaches them first and foremost to respect each other. … For this reason the subject of the headscarf should not be confused with that of religious symbols in public institutions: crucifixes in classrooms, hospitals or courts, for example. The state - and state schools are part of the state – are non-denominational. Therefore there should be no crucifixes, half-moons or Stars of David in state classrooms."

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