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Peralba, Raúl

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Cinco Días - Spain | 31/08/2015

EU is a weak brand, says Raúl Peralba

Unfortunately there is no clear vision for a "Europe" brand, marketing advisor Raúl Peralba comments in the business daily Cinco Días: "The strategic importance of the brand at the business, institutional, political, regional national and international levels is no longer questioned. But the European Union doesn't give the brand the attention it deserves. And there is no Europe brand with the corresponding attributes, values and clear advantages that distinguish it from other global powers and that unites the inhabitants of the individual member states in a group identity. There is only an indistinct notion of countries that appear to be united but each of which tries solve its problems in its own way without any regard for the side effects. Otto von Bismarck allegedly once said: 'Europe is only a geographical notion in which each state tries to have more canons than its neighbour.' Translated to the present one could say: 'Europe is an economic notion in which each state tries to gain more advantages than the other member states.'"

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