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Pepinster, Catherine

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 23/11/2010

Hope for aid workers

The Pope's easing of the ban on condoms gives hope to the devout and to aid workers, writes the liberal daily The Independent: "The Pope's throwing of a chink of light on this issue, while still remaining consistent with Church teaching, will come as a relief to many Catholics in the West, troubled by what they saw as their Church's intransigence. It will also give hope to Catholic aid workers, particularly in Africa, where they play a substantial role nursing Aids victims and caring for orphaned children. While the Church has always advocated chastity as the best way of stopping the spread of HIV, and that will remain its ideal, pragmatic aid workers know you have to start where people are - and some of those people will ignore encouragement to abstain from risky sex. That is where condoms can play their part."

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