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Pepine, Horaţiu

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1.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 10/12/2015

Cameron breathing new life into musty EU

British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Bucharest and Warsaw on Wednesday and Thursday as part of his European campaign tour for a reform of the ... » more

2.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 22/10/2015

Extend investigations beyond ex-president Iliescu

In Romania ex-president Ion Iliescu is under investigation for crushing anti-communist protests in June 1990. The Romanian service of Germany state broadcaster Deutsche Welle stresses ... » more

3.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 14/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: Refugees don't want to be distributed

The interior ministers of the EU states will meet for special talks in Brussels to discuss the distribution of refugees today, Monday. The Romanian leadership ... » more

4.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 17/06/2015

Romania's MPs lack all decency

Romania's parliamentarians voted for an increase in their pensions on Tuesday. In future they will receive between 300 and 1000 euros more per month, depending ... » more

5.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 28/04/2015

Romania must deal with CIA past

Romania's ex-prime minister Ion Iliescu admitted in an interview with German news magazine Der Spiegel that he approved the establishment of a CIA base in ... » more

6.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 25/03/2015

Journalists often worse than online mercenaries

The Internet commentators hired by the liberal-conservative Romanian party PMP were remunerated with bribe money paid to former minister Elena Udrea, according to corruption investigations ... » more

7.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 22/01/2015

Romania's Swiss franc victims don't need pity

After Switzerland's decision to uncap the franc against the euro, Romania too is discussing how to help its roughly 75,000 citizens who took out loans ... » more

8.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 18/12/2014

Floor-crossing ban for local politicians is apt

The Romanian Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled that an emergency decree issued by the Ponta government in August was anti-constitutional. The decree allowed local politicians ... » more

9.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 23/09/2014

Romania's poor imitation of US campaigns

On his 42nd birthday on Saturday Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta celebrated his candidacy for the presidential elections in November in the company of 70,000 ... » more

10.  Deutsche Welle - Romania | 28/08/2014

Romanians don't need a whining opposition

Romania's government wants to give MPs two weeks to switch parties without losing their seat in parliament. The cabinet is due to decide on a ... » more


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