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Peña, Javier

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Blog Efe Empresas - Spain | 05/09/2013

Freelancer TV mustn't hoodwink Spanish

Several Spanish TV stations have announced plans to broadcast programmes on the subject of self-employment this autumn, in a bid to promote business start-ups in the ongoing crisis. This is a good idea as long as reality isn't distorted, Javier Peña, chief editor of the online magazine for the unemployed Portalparados writes in his blog with news agency Efe: "All these programmes show that it's trendy to be an enterpreneur. ... This could be interpreted as good news. But I wouldn't be doing the name of this column [El emprendedor escéptico, the sceptic entrepreneur] justice if I didn't voice my doubts in this respect. The mass medium television frequently distorts the reality it is trying to portray. Sometimes magnifying things, sometimes scaling them down, the little screen conveys a slightly distorted image of things. Let us hope that it stays as close as possible to the reality of the entrepreneurs' world, because it would be just as bad to present it as a paradise as it would to present it as a genuine hell."

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