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Peloni, Aristotelia

Ta Nea, Greece

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Ta Nea - Greece | 25/02/2013

Turkish EU accession increasingly unrealistic

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan called for greater support for his country's join the EU the EU during a visit to Ankara by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But the obstacles to Turkey's accession are growing, observes the left-liberal daily Ta Nea: "Turkey is not only faced with the EU's reluctance to expand further and the lack of enthusiasm among the French and German public. The Turkish people themselves are no longer so keen on the European idea. ... The prospect of joining Europe has not moved Ankara to resolve the Greek-Turkish disputes. ... Things have changed. Turkey is no longer the same country as it was in 1999, and our country is no longer the strong Greece is was under [former prime minister] Kostas Simitis. As far as the EU goes, it is no longer the club everyone wants to join. And with good reason."

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