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Pelluchon, Corine

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Libération - France | 01/04/2015

Co-pilot obsessed by feelings of power

After the crash of the Germanwings airbus in the French Alps, Lufthansa admitted on Tuesday that it was aware that the co-pilot had suffered from psychological issues. Philosopher Corine Pelluchon writes in the left-liberal daily Libération that his act was an expression of a craze for power: "Suicide is also an act of violence. Like murder, it is definitive and irreversible. ... Murder and suicide both share the obsession of wanting to control everything, but it's a feeling of powerlessness that leads a person to commit suicide. By contrast, murder feeds on the desire for omnipotence of a person who becomes deaf to the world and others, like Andreas Lubitz, who shut himself away in the cockpit and failed to answer the pilot's desperate pleas. Andreas Lubitz had nothing against the passengers or his captain, but he didn't see them or hear them. All that existed was himself, and that's what allowed him to commit such a crime."

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