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Pellistrandi, Benoît

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Le Figaro - France | 13/09/2012

Catalan nationalism a threat to EU

According to police reports, more than a million Catalonians demonstrated for their independence in Barcelona on Wednesday. Europe should pay close attention to Catalonia's struggle for independence, which has flared up again in the midst of the debt crisis, the conservative daily Le Figaro warns: "The Catalonians argue that 19 percent of state expenditure should be allocated to them because they produce 19 percent of Spain's GDP. But in so doing they ignore the mechanisms of solidarity between the country's regions. ... How is one to justify European crisis policy and the financial solidarity mechanism under such conditions? ... Europe only makes sense if the nations that form part of it demonstrate solidarity with each other. ... The Catalans teach us that under the surface a narrow-minded and populist nationalism is threatening the very foundations of the European edifice - and this at at time when it is fighting to save its currency. Southern Europe is not making things easy for its partners, and is demonstrating a lack of political responsibility that could prove fatal."

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