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Pelling, Rowan

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 22/02/2012

More understanding for transexual children

The UK wants to reduce from 16 to 13 the age at which development-curbing hormones can be given to children who feel they're stuck in the wrong body. But the first thing transexuals need is understanding, writes the author Rowan Pelling in the conservative paper The Daily Telegraph, telling the story of her own sister, who since early childhood wanted to be a boy: "My mother was the most empathetic woman on the planet, but she dreaded my sister suffering the ostracism that accompanies marked displays of difference. In the event, my sister suffered it anyway. ... Happily she had some good, supportive friends in her class and milieu, none of whom was surprised when she came out as a lesbian after she left school. Her decision ably demonstrates the fact that many a child who declares a strong wish to become a member of the opposite sex may find it's not their biology that's the real problem, just a dearth of role models; beyond the school gates there are plenty of masculine women, feminine men and androgynous types, who defy easy labels."

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 12/10/2011

Brits protect children from online pornography

In a bid to protect children from Internet pornography the British government has agreed with the UK's four biggest providers that new customers must apply for access to sexually explicit websites. The government is on the right path, writes Rowan Pelling in the conservative paper The Daily Telegraph: "What many parents will welcome about these new initiatives is that they demonstrate a determination on the Government's behalf to fight for family life, and to do battle with trends that cynics say are unassailable. ... Indeed, the only thing to regret here is that the policies don't extend towards the culture of violence that is also beamed at our children, rendered glamorous and hypnotic by cinema and video games. In the realm of undesirable choices, I would rather my sons caught a glimpse of sex than of dismembered bodies - and in a truly golden childhood, they would be shielded from both."

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