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Pekunov, Jasen

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Kapital - Bulgaria | 30/07/2008

From consumers to partners

In view of the worldwide energy crisis the weekly Kapital urges a change in attitudes to global energy consumption: "If electricity production is not increased several times, poverty cannot be combatted. According to the World Bank there are two billion people who get by on less than two dollars a day. According to the former Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan, 1.6 billion people live without electricity. ... To date mankind has experienced a couple of revolutions that have fundamentally changed our way of life: the invention of electricity, for instance, and the development of new information technology. The next revolution facing us is connected with how we use energy. If it does not take place, a gloomy scenario threatens mankind. We should ... 'capture' the natural power of the wind and the sun's rays and use them. The need for new energy sources will bring about such a permanent change in our consciousness that human beings will no longer be consumers of nature but equal partners. Homo Sapiens is thus facing an intellectual revolution, which will take place parallel to the energy revolution."

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