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Pécresse, Jean-Françis

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1.  Les Echos - France | 05/01/2016

Hollande's symbolic policies cause for despair

France's National Assembly wants to discuss the planned constitutional reform at the end of February and have it passed by a joint meeting of both ... » more

2.  Les Echos - France | 24/09/2013

Don't stop Paris consumption before midnight

Following a trade unions' initiative an appeal court in Paris ruled on Monday that the beauty products chain Sephora must close the doors of its ... » more

3.  Les Echos - France | 03/05/2013

Hollande's crisis policy a washout

French President François Hollande won the presidential election in France exactly one year ago come May 6. The liberal weekly Les Echos doesn't believe he ... » more

4.  Les Echos - France | 04/10/2012

France killing entrepreneurial spirit

In addition to other tax hikes, the French government is also planning to double the capital gains tax in 2013. The move will weaken not ... » more

5.  Les Echos - France | 11/09/2012

Hollande trying to emulate Gerhard Schröder

The reform agenda presented by French President François Hollande on Sunday bears the name "Agenda 2014" in allusion to former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder's "Agenda ... » more

6.  Les Echos - France | 24/05/2012

Hollande on the wrong track with euro bonds

At the EU summit France's President François Holland has reinforced his demand for euro bonds which would enable debtor states to borrow money at advantageous ... » more

7.  Les Echos - France | 03/05/2012

French election model is outdated

The rules governing the election campaign in France are as much in need of reform as the internal party procedures for selecting candidates ahead of ... » more

8.  Les Echos - France | 13/04/2012

High inflation rate hinders Europe's growth

According to the ECB Monthly Bulletin published on Thursday, Europe's inflation rate for 2012 will exceed two percent. That will impede growth, writes the liberal ... » more

9.  Les Echos - France | 12/04/2012

French oppose austerity budget

The French government presented a stability plan on Wednesday aimed at achieving a balanced budget by 2016. But the move stands little chance of aiding ... » more

10.  Les Echos - France | 15/02/2012

Moody's threat should rouse the French

In addition to downgrading six countries on Monday, the US rating agency Moody's also lowered the prognosis for France to negative outlook. After the French ... » more


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