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Pechar, Brigitte

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Wiener Zeitung - Austria | 08/09/2011

More money for women justified

The Austrian Union of Private Sector Employees GPA-djp on Tuesday proposed wage hikes for women through special collective bargaining in a bid to close the gender-based wage gap. There can be no talk of discrimination against men here, the Wiener Zeitung writes: "Men frequently argue that giving preferential treatment to women (with the same qualifications!) would mean discriminating against their sex. That is correct. Nevertheless in the past they have also taken for granted positive discrimination for males, never doubting that the male quota of over 90 percent in management positions was fully justified. Consequently the union's proposal has nothing to do with discrimination against men, but with ensuring equal treatment for equal work. How to explain that the wages are lower in sectors with predominantly women workers? Also for men, by the way. A union whose members are mostly women has every reason to champion this cause."

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