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Pečarič, Elena

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Vest - Slovenia | 13/10/2009

Democracy has been left out of the equation

Elena Pečarič complains on the website Vest that so few countries held a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, saying this approach has nothing to do with democracy: "We must not allow the politicians who are there to serve us and are responsible to us to define, change or increase the powers conferred on them without the involvement of the people. The elected representatives of the people are not the owners of the sovereignty of the people. They have no right to change the competences and responsibilities of the institutions without authorisation … . What happened in the long history of the constitutional treaty and its metamorphosis into the Lisbon Treaty is a grave abuse of power on the part of the EU politicians at the expense of their citizens - or in other words of everyone. We should not forget this. The systematic and planned blocking of our right to vote for or against it in referendums in the individual countries as well as the great fraud in Ireland are proof that the EU representatives have seized power for themselves and undermined their own legitimacy."

Vest - Slovenia | 30/09/2009

Treaty of Lisbon must be drawn up in cooperation with EU citizens

Almost 16 months after the Irish rejection of the EU reform Treaty of Lisbon, a second referendum on the issue will take place in Ireland on October 2. The daily Vest writes: "The same text, identical in all respects, is once more being thrust upon them, seeing as the first time around everyone ticked the wrong box. Just imagine what kind of idiots those in power take the Irish - or us - for. Ireland is the sole EU state that even had a chance to express its view on this important Treaty, which to a large extent will replace or supersede national constitutions. Too much is at stake ... to let a handful of EU citizens make this decision alone. Everything is being done to deny or make us forget that the French and the Dutch also said 'No' to the EU constitution. ... Practically everyone who has had a say at all has said 'No'. And NO means NO! ... If this is really all about the development and progress of European institutions to give the states more influence and co-determination in EU matters, then the content of the Treaty should be worked out in cooperation with the citizens of the EU."

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