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Pavlovs, Sergejs

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Telegraf - Latvia | 11/12/2013

Latvian disaster must not be quickly forgotten

Three weeks after the collapse of a supermarket roof in Riga, the Russian-language daily Telegraf is surprised at how quickly life has gone back to normal and calls for tighter building regulations: "Life goes on. Sports reports on television that seemed silly after the extensive coverage of the tragedy and its victims are once again the norm. Our former president visits a fashion show in Lithuania, and the media cover Santa's Fun Run in the old town of Riga. ... The sense of community has already been forgotten. Now all we have to hope for is a change in the construction sector. But one thing is clear: if the state puts its mind to it, building inspectors could in future not only examine new buildings on paper but also on location, and even put a stop to construction."

Telegraf - Latvia | 21/08/2013

Paul Krugman should not underestimate Latvia

Writing in The New York Times last week, the US economist Paul Krugman compared Latvia's economic situation with that during the Great Depression in the US in the 1930s. The Russian-language daily Telegraf finds this unflattering comparison unsound: "If the time ever comes when Paul Krugman actively praises Latvia for its economic success, it will be a signal for investors active here to get their money out of the banks on the double and leave the country. ... Whether Krugman is right about Latvia's success story can only be proven by the statistics. Most likely he'll still be able to write economic reports about Latvia for another three years - until we really have reached pre-crisis levels. Last year the GDP of Poland, Krugman's European favourite, was 66 percent of the EU average, while Latvia's was at 62 percent. Love and hate are separated by just four percentage points for Krugman."

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