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Pawlow, Nikolaj

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Monitor - Bulgaria | 13/02/2008

Two Bulgarias

Sociologists have ascertained that around 56 percent of Bulgarians are poor. They live in the past, don't know about the internet or cashpoints, live in small towns and villages and watch Latin American soaps.The remaining 44 percent live in the big cities and have adopted European values. Nikolaj Pawlow writes: "People of the older generation seem to have got stuck in the era of perestroika and the fall of communism. ... Their voices are not heard, for they have no means of making them audible.They do not have the energy or knowledge to improve their living situation. ... The other Bulgarians are educated and better paid. As consumers these are the people who drive the domestic economy. They fight for their interests, work hard and strive to make something of their lives. ... There are two Bulgarias."

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