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Pavković, Jozo

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1.  Večernji list - Croatia | 02/06/2015

Political chaos rules in Bosnia

The stabilisation and association agreement between the EU and Bosnia and Herzegovina became effective on Monday. It had been signed back in 2008 but the ... » more

2.  Večernji list - Croatia | 24/03/2015

Jozo Pavković on the incomplete peace of Dayton

Twenty years ago the Dayton Accords ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But the country was not built on stable foundations, Jozo Pavković criticises ... » more

3.  Večernji list - Croatia | 14/10/2014

Bosnian election winners must shun nationalism

The Bosniak, Serb and Croat nationalists won the parliamentary and presidential elections in Bosnia and Herzegovia on Sunday. But they have nothing to celebrate, the ... » more

4.  Večernji list - Croatia | 01/07/2014

Bosnia has learned no lessons from WWI

Ceremonies commemorating the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand 100 years ago took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the weekend. The official act of state ... » more

5.  Večernji list - Croatia | 20/05/2014

Use the chance for a new start in Bosnia

After the flood tragedy in the western Balkans, the international community must use the historic opportunity offered by reconstruction to overcome the rifts between the ... » more

6.  Večernji list - Croatia | 18/02/2014

Bosnia's faulty multi-ethnic construct

Calls for new elections are growing louder at the demonstrations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But elections only make sense if the multi-ethnic construct is amended ... » more


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