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Pavičić, Darko

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Večernji list - Croatia | 24/06/2015

Pope puts people above their sins

The Vatican on Tuesday published a working paper for the Synod of Bishops on the family and marriage taking place in October. In the document it rejects same-sex marriage but also speaks out against discrimination of homosexuals. Rome remains true to its dogma but is showing understanding for the individual, the conservative daily Večernji List comments: "Pope Francis wants to open the Church's door to people, but we shouldn't misunderstand him. The Church will never approve same-sex marriage and never accept divorce. But people matter. The Church condemns sins, but never the people it protects and respects. This also goes for homosexuals. … However it will never accept homosexual acts, nor will it accept sexual relations before marriage among heterosexual couples. But the Church doesn't close its eyes to the reality that homosexuals yearn for God just as heterosexuals do, and regarding this yearning it wants to put them on an equal footing."

Večernji list - Croatia | 20/02/2015

At last Church to pay taxes in Croatia

The Croatian government and the Catholic Church agreed on Thursday that the Church will start paying taxes on its business activities. And so it should, the conservative daily Večernji List comments: "This can't be called a miracle. Rather it's the demystification of Church finances. The Church must also pay taxes on so-called non-Church activities. These include above all income from rent and activities in the tourism and manufacturing sectors. It's no secret that Church institutions possess and rent out real estate - for the most part attractive properties in the centre of town, near where the Church is located. That's all very well, because the Church also has to make a living. But it must not be privileged in any way. The law must apply to it just as it does other people and companies who have to keep proper accounts and answer to the tax authorities."

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