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Pavić, Snježana

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Jutarnji list - Croatia | 11/01/2016

Mrs Merkel: yes you can!

Angela Merkel must not give up yet, urges the liberal daily Jutarnji list: "The attack in Cologne puts an end to the back-and-forthing with which Merkel saved the other member states in the refugee crisis. France is paralysed with fear in view of the presidential elections in 2017. And no one seriously counts on the British any more. In the East the neoconservative anti-immigrant coalition is gaining ground from the Adriatic to the Baltic. In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Estonia, no one wants the refugees. And on top of all that there's the new alliance between Orbán and Kaczyński. And now Sweden, Denmark and Norway, which have always shown a huge awareness of human rights and solidarity, are closing their borders to the victims of war in the Middle East. The German chancellor did a great job in 2015. Can she do the same in 2016? Mrs Merkel: yes you can!"

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 30/09/2015

VW still stands for German quality

The German carmaker Volkswagen will remain a symbol of quality even after the exhaust emissions scandal, the liberal daily Jutarnji List is convinced: "Yes, the Germans lied, and that is outrageous. But according to Reuters this is common practice in the car industry. ... Do you remember how much petrol your car is supposed to consume and how much it really uses? Volkswagen's image will survive this scandal too. And in case it doesn't, in case the sensitive US markets of the US and Western Europe remain closed to diesel Audis and VWs, then, my dear Volkswagen, just send them to us! German quality remains German quality, VW remains VW. In Croatia and its neighbouring countries these cars have a great reputation. ... Emissions can't really harm such a deeply rooted legend."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 11/11/2014

Snježana Pavić on how the Berlin Wall has shifted

The Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago but rather than disappearing it has shifted to the edge of Europe, columnist Snježana Pavić warns in the liberal daily Jutarnji List. "Fireworks, champagne and balloons couldn't hide the fact that the reality that has emerged in the last 25 years is far removed from what the young people at Brandenburg Gate in November 1989 hoped for. The end of the bipolar world was supposed to mark a departure into a more humane future. ... In actual fact both worlds, East and West, have collapsed. The one so drastically that after two years no trace of it remained. The other has disappeared gradually and is now breathing the last dying breaths of its former glory. Guantánamo and Snowden reversed the history of freedom and human rights. 'Free Europe' looks increasingly like a Hollywood disaster film in which the survivors defend the remnants of their civilisation and their resources by shooting at the hopelessly starving masses on the other side of the wall. This wall no longer runs through the centre of Berlin, but along the borders of Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and Croatia."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 30/09/2014

Gay Pride not sign of tolerance in Serbia

A Gay Pride parade took place for the first time in four years in Belgrade on Sunday. The last time it was held in the city participants were attacked. This year's parade was not a sign of social tolerance but of the limitless power of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, the liberal daily Jutarnji List criticises: "It was Vučić alone who decided that this time the parade could take place because he wanted to demonstrate that everyone's rights are respected in Serbia. The homophobe hooligans stayed at home, armoured police vehicles blocked central Belgrade and people waving rainbow flags marched past the cameras with the support of ambassadors and MEPs. Then Vučić thanked the police and the hooligans for not indulging in beatings and rioting this time round. His gratitude extended to the majority of the Serbs who stayed off Belgrade's streets on Sunday. But from gratitude towards violent criminals for having restrained themselves to becoming a tolerant society, Serbia still has a long way to go."

Jutarnji list - Croatia | 28/11/2013

War crimes tribunal was powerless all along

The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia based in The Hague celebrated the 20th anniversary of its founding on Wednesday in Sarajevo. An occasion for mourning, the liberal daily Jutarnji List writes, noting that the once feared tribunal stopped focusing on prosecuting war crimes long ago: "Today the court suddenly seems to take a different view of the crimes committed and the victims. How else to interpret the recent acquittals for military leaders and police and secret service agents even though they had the authority to give orders? ... On the other hand, how could things have been any different? The Hague never had the power to judge states - either for warmongering or for planning acts of violence. So at the end of the day the tribunal must face the anger of disappointed victims and fighters for justice who expected more than any institution would be able to give: making amends for the atrocities and restoring justice."

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