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Pavić, Siniša

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Novi list - Croatia | 03/05/2013

Cheap quiz show to promote EU in Croatia

Shortly before Croatia joins the EU on July 1, there is no sign of Euphoria in the country. In response the public broadcaster HTV has aired its new quiz show EUnigma, which is meant to promote the EU among viewers. The 190,000 euros in subsidies received from the EU are a particular source of pride. That doesn't stop the show from being a total embarrassment, the left-leaning daily Novi List writes: "Technically the programme is pretty much on the level of a slapdash kid's show from the 1970s. The plywood boards of the set are so poorly put together that you can see every nail. ... It's no help that the team of writers, after no end of uncreative years copying licensed shows, has once again finally come up with an idea of its own. ... No one had any time, and everything was thrown together at the last minute. If the entire station had been behind the project instead of sticking its hands in its pockets, the result would have been more acceptable. But this production is about as good as a cardboard Eiffel Tower."

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