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Paul-Bădescu, Cezar

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Adevârul - Romania | 29/10/2012

Film exposes the mentality in Romania

The film Beyond the Hills by Romanian filmmaker Cristian Mungiu, which won two awards at this year's Cannes Film Festival, hit the screens in Romania last week. The screenplay is based on a true story that took place in Vaslui in the west of the country, where a nun was tortured to death in a monastery during an exorcism ritual in 2005. For the daily Adevărul the film says a lot about today's Romania: "We live in a Romania that is dominated by a sick mentality. A Romania where doctors say that mental patients should be 'treated' with prayers and psalms in a monastery rather than receive treatment in a hospital. A Romania in which Orthodox priests believe it's a sin for a believer to so much as enter a non-Orthodox church. ... The mirror that Cristian Mungiu holds up to our society is not a flattering one. But in the end we'll conclude that this film has nothing to do with us: that it tells of another planet or deals with an isolated case. Because a sick mentality is extremely good at defending itself so that nothing can shake it."

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