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Paukštė, Dainius

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Delfi - Lithuania | 06/01/2014

EU freedom of movement no longer works

The debate over Bulgarians and Romanians migrating to Western Europe to escape poverty is the result of a structural defect in the concept of EU freedom of movement for workers, migration expert Dainius Paukštė argues on the web portal Delfi: "Freedom of movement (as conceived by the founders of the EU) is only possible between countries at similar levels of economic development. The accession of economically weaker countries has distorted the principle of free movement of persons, because it triggered not just an economic but also a mass immigration in the truest sense of the word that has nothing to do with the free movement of people within the EU. And not just people from the new EU member states, but also people from non-EU member states come to the richer EU states. Clearly we must prepare for new challenges and debates about a new immigration policy within the EU."

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