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Paterson, Tony

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 13/05/2009

Praise for the German justice system

Tony Paterson, Germany correspondent for the liberal daily The Independent, praises the German judicial system for bringing the case of the alleged Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk to trial: "Germany's legal authorities can ... take credit for bringing Mr Demjanjuk to justice. They have failed to bring charges against many German Nazis in the past. But in the Demjanjuk case, they were the ones who were finally able to unearth evidence which may now lead to his conviction. Yet few German commentators were singing their praises yesterday. Perhaps not surprisingly most of the comment was provided by Germany's Central Council of Jews. Stephan Kramer, the organisation's general secretary, said that it was almost irrelevant whether Mr Demjanjuk was imprisoned for his crimes. 'What is important is that we will get a discussion about justice in post-war Germany and how the justice system has dealt with Nazi crimes,' he said. Many non-Jewish Germans would agree with him."

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