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Pásztor, Árpád Attila

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Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | 25/05/2012

Serbian president suspected of plagiarism

The new Serbian president Tomislav Nikolić is not just coarse and aggressive in his manner but is also under suspicion of having committed plagiarism, writes Attila Árpád Pásztor, an expert on Serbia, in the left-liberal weekly Élet és Irodalom: "Nikolić's popularity is by no means unvarying. Many millions of Serbs find the new president's brutish and aggressive style repellent. His coarse behaviour was above all apparent during his time as a parliamentarian. … Compared to psychologist and university lecturer Tadić, Nikolić is certainly uncultured. A president's suitability for office doesn't depend on his degrees or his English skills, but Nikolić lacks both. The latter can quickly be remedied with a good language course, but the allegations of plagiarism can't. … And there are reports that Nikolić's dirty record goes further than his diploma thesis … Only recently Nikolić sued the daily newspaper Blic for two million euros in damages for writing that his fellow students had no recollection of him studying with them."

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