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Pasteur, Christiane

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Le Courrier - Switzerland | 08/04/2015

Police brutality in Genoa remains unpunished

The European Court of Human Rights has condemned Italy on Tuesday for its brutal police deployment during the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001. Italy's criminal justice was not adequate to the task of convicting offenders and providing a deterrent in such cases, the court found. The Christian-social daily Le Courrier is angry that the real culprits have gone unpunished: "The real offenders have still not been charged. So far several members of the police force have been sentenced in Italian courts. But the European judges have ruled that these proceedings have not constituted a 'sufficient reaction' on the part of the authorities because only members of the police hierarchy have been punished. The real perpetrators, for their part, have got off scot free. They'll remain unpunished because they haven't even been identified: the police has always refused to cooperate."

Le Courrier - Switzerland | 16/12/2014

General strikes only answer to rampant cuts

In recent days strikes have hit not only Italy, Greece and Belgium but also Switzerland. The unions have no alternative faced with the stubbornness of those in power, the Christian-social daily Le Courrier writes in the wake of Monday's general strike in Belgium: "What did yesterday's strike achieve? It's still too early to say. Whatever the case, the Belgian example could show the way forward. Rather than staging huge demonstrations, the unions paralysed the country with picket lines and blocked roads. The business community is on the alert, and says it's lost millions in recent weeks because of the protests. In Geneva the unions reached an agreement after immobilising the tram and bus network for twenty-four hours. It seems that only such strong-arm tactics can bring the authorities - otherwise deaf to public demands for a minimum of dignity - to reason."

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