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Passent, Daniel

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Polityka - Poland | 13/10/2015

PiS victory would change little in Poland

In the run-up to Poland's parliamentary elections which will take place in just under two weeks, the polls give the national-conservative PiS 36 percent of the vote and just 24 percent to the liberal governing party PO. But it would be wrong to expect a change of government to bring a change of policy, Daniel Passent comments on his blog for the centre-left news magazine Polityka: "There's no point expecting too much from these elections. A victory for the PiS and Zjednoczona Prawica [United Right] won't cause the economy to collapse. Because I don't believe these parties will go through with all their electoral promises. And it will be the same with the pension reform, which won't be as radical as some fear. Or more probably there won't be any changes at all. ... And the same goes for our foreign policy. ... Russia will remain our major enemy and the US will continue to be our most important ally."

Polityka Online - Poland | 29/06/2015

Political rocker spews drivel about investors

In Poland the rock musician turned politician Paweł Kukiz announced at his movement's founding event on Saturday that he wanted to chase from office the "traitors" who had sold the country to foreign investors. The left-liberal news portal Polityka Online finds such rhetoric unbearable: "Complete drivel which he should retract before it's too late. ... This xenophobia towards foreign business and investors is based on his own complexes and an aversion to foreigners. Without foreign investors, Poland would be far poorer than it is now. They're the ones who provide us with capital, create jobs and increase exports. Our local companies can't do all that alone. ... Mr Kukiz has clearly not understood that nowadays capital works around the globe, and in so doing gives the people work."

Polityka Online - Poland | 11/06/2015

Poland's ruling party nearing the end

Poland's Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz dismissed three ministers on Wednesday after files on the Wprost bugging scandal were posted on the Internet. All three politicians were subject to bugging in 2014. This is more than a crucial test for the governing PO, the centre-left news website Polityka Online believes: "Until now the PO has been one of the pillars of the Polish Republic. But this ongoing affair with its endless new recordings, the defeat of Komorowski and the PO in the elections, and now a president put forward by the PiS, will no doubt exacerbate its drastic losses in the polls. It threatens to become insignificant, or even disappear from the party landscape altogether. It lacks strong leaders and an interesting programme, and after eight years in government it is worn out. The PO is tired of governing and is going through a crisis that it probably won't survive. At the very least it will come out of it weakened."

Polityka Online - Poland | 11/04/2014

All parties capitalising on Smolensk

The conservative Polish government and the national-conservative opposition party PiS each organised their own commemorative ceremonies to mark the fourth anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash. Both are at pains to keep the memory of the tragedy alive simply because they can capitalise on it politically, the left-liberal news portal Polityka Online surmises: "The PiS leader [Kaczyński] may have stopped talking about an attack. ... But he continues to hint at chummy relations between [Polish Prime Minister Donald] Tusk and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. For the opposition the Smolensk tragedy has been an inexhaustible source of emotions, suspicions and accusations that it will never give up. There is not a single fact that it doesn't question. And for the government this is also useful because it makes the PiS look like a pack of troublemakers and fanatics. ... Therefore both sides have an interest in keeping the subject on the agenda."

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