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Pascal-Moussellard, Olivier

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Télérama - France | 27/02/2008

Ken Burns on the American view of war

The American documentary film maker Ken Burns has made a 14 hour-long film on the Second World War called The War. Interviewed by Olivier Pascal-Mousselard, he analyses how Americans relate to war. "In the Untied States, the Second World War is referred to as the 'Good' war; nobody doubts that they fought for the right cause. But by using that word, battle is draped in mythology and the blood is forgotten, along with suffering and the arithmetic of death. ... [Today] to see a coffin come back from Iraq, you have to slip like a pornographer onto the Websites of those being fought by the United States! And no matter how much Americans hear about bombs and are told about their victims, they still don't see them. They therefore do not understand what is at stake. This is exactly what the government wants: to stop us from grasping the reality of war so that we make under-informed choices."

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