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Parys, Annette

Parys, Annette

Annette Parys was born in Stuttgart in 1983. She began studying law in 2003, first in Heidelberg, and then in St. Petersburg and Berlin. Her special areas of study are human rights, East European law and international criminal law.

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The author has so far published 2 articles on euro|topics.

1.  Article | 11/06/2008

Justice and injustice

"Trafficking in human beings is prohibited,” says Article 5, Paragraph 3 of the new Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. But what legal instruments does the EU actually have to prevent trafficking in human beings? » more

2.  Article | 11/06/2008

Coming to light

Each year an estimated 500,000 people fall victim to human trafficking in Europe alone. There are no precise figures because the number of unreported cases is high; for each case that does come to light there are between three and ten that do not. » more

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