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Parmentier, Bruno

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Les Echos - France | 09/04/2008

Eating at what cost?

Bruno Parmentier is the director of ESA in Angers (an agricultural university). He writes that, in terms of agriculture, "we are faced with a real turn of events. The 21st Century has only just begun and everything has changed in the last year. We thought that we were producing too much and European policies encouraged reducing surpluses, ... while debates raged over the ethical and economic foundations of our exports. Today we are entering into a world of shortages! The planet lacks cereals, but also milk and cooking oils... Increased production ability is the only solution. ... Since we know that our countries' and the planet's resources are limited, and that needs are incessantly growing, a new agricultural revolution is necessary. ... We need to learn how to produce ever more, but with much less, and better."

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