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Parlato, Valentino

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Le Monde - France | 20/02/2008

The boycott of theTurin Book Fair is not justified

Valentino Parlato, founder of the Italian daily, 'Il Manifesto', responds to a recent article written by the French author Marek Halter. The latter accused him of being the instigator of the call for a boycott of the Turin International Book Fair, at which this year's guests of honour are Israeli writers. "I am absolutely against the boycott of this book festival (books should always be respected) and, through it of the State of Israel. ... Let us then take advantage of this International book fair in Turin to debate, to criticise Israeli policy, to defend the rights of Palestinians, who, in this territory, appear to have become the new Jews. Let's discuss, let's confront one another, but let's reject this boycott. ... Boycotting is mute. It is a 'no' without an argument. There are going to be highly intelligent Jewish writers in Turin and we should discuss matters with them, reason, be controversial, defend the Palestinians' rights."

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