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Paris, Manona

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Postimees - Estonia | 07/10/2014

The Estonian family is destroying itself

The Estonian parliament will today debate for the second time the new partnership law which would give more legal security to same-sex partners. Voting on the law is set for Thursday. The liberal daily Postimees counters critics of the law on the grounds that the traditional Estonian family no longer deserves to be glorified: "Infidelity, secret liaisons, double standards - in the shadows of the traditional family, family values are being trampled on in a far more destructive way than a couple of gay marriages could ever do. The situation of the family is completely crazy - some norms date back to the start of the last century, others to the irresponsible cowboy capitalism of the 1990s. Just 20 years ago we sang our way to freedom from the 'voluntary' people's prison. A society that until then had been used to concealing things and therefore still has much to learn can only produce such grotesque family set-ups."

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