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Parišek, Adam

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Pravda - Slovakia | 04/09/2009

Slovakian universities' poor reputation

The leftist daily Pravda comments on the poor reputation of Slovakian universities: "Our universities put us at the bottom of the European league. Evidence for this is not hard to find. No foreign students are attracted to come here, and Slovak students - our potential elite - study elsewhere. The worst thing is that the large majority of them don't come back home after their studies. Thanks to our special relations and linguistic affinities with the Czechs, up to 25,000 student emigrants enjoy the benefits of what is without doubt the better education system of our neighbour to the west. ... Certainly, we have known about the problem for a long time, but we do nothing to solve it. ... All we do is concoct absurd regulations. For example that foreign teachers who want to teach at Slovakian universities must furnish proof that they can speak our language."

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