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Paraskevopoulos, Nikos

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 26/05/2010

Nikos Paraskevopoulos on good and bad murders

At the beginning of May three people were killed during protests against the Greek austerity measures. With reference to these deaths and several bomb attacks Nikos Paraskevopoulos voices concern about the rise in violence in the leftist daily Eleftherotypia: "The deregulation of the welfare state has led to people dying at hospitals as a result of inadequate treatment, and the collapse of social cohesion is causing an overlapping of the fringes of society with organised crime which multiplies the cases of violence. ... Perhaps someone out there is asking whether there is leeway for the institutional acceptance of certain murders that don't negate the value of life. The answer can only be 'yes' if the death of one person saves the person who is in danger. ... These cases, which are the absolute exception, testify to respect rather than indifference towards life. The countless people who stood in awe before the burnt-out bank which was the site of the martyrdom of three people were confronted with this picture of the supposedly better murderous act, insidious and covered up by society. ... Violence promotes more violence, and killing too: this is a lesson history has taught us."

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