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Parafianowicz, Zbigniew

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 16/03/2015

Crimea annexation not a success for Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin didn't do himself any favours with the annexation of Crimea one year ago, journalist Zbigniev Parafianowicz writes in the conservative daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna: "The annexation was meant to underpin the myth of Russian conquests. Nevertheless we can counter that Crimea is ill suited to this purpose. It's dependent on Nova Kachovka [in southern Ukraine] for 80 percent of its water and power. What's more, you can't even pay by credit card on the peninsula, or reach it by normal air routes. Crimea is like a Potemkin village for the Kremlin."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 23/02/2012

Brussels is driving Hungary to ruin

The EU Commission on Wednesday debated on whether to withhold 495 million euros in funding next year from Hungary because of its Stability Pact violations. But cutting off the money supply from the Cohesion Fund in the present economic situation would be an incomprehensible move, writes the conservative daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna: "If the Hungarians are to come through the crisis they need economic growth, just as all of Southern Europe does. Right now its GDP prognosis for 2012 is oscillating between zero and 0.3 percent. It's as if the Commission had failed to notice that precisely the Cohesion policy plays a key role in the relatively poor countries of so-called new Europe when it comes to boosting the economy. Withholding payments of almost half a billion euros in a situation where Budapest is on the brink of recession can hardly be described as a wise move."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 14/07/2011

Russia wants European energy stake

The Russian concern Gazprom is currently negotiating for a share of the German energy concern RWE. The conservative daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna believes that Russia would like to acquire shares in companies in western Europe in order to control the market there: "By buying RWE shares the managers of Gazprom want to kill two birds with one stone. They want to undermine the third EU energy package, which envisages a liberalisation of the market. And they want to acquire a share in the Nabucco pipeline project which was originally supposed to make Europe independent of Russian gas. It is hard to imagine that if Russia were to become a majority shareholder in RWE, the company would pursue a project that constitutes competition for Moscow. Acquiring a share in the ownership structures of RWE is one of the Russians' classic geostrategic games."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 29/03/2010

Ukraine's vice prime minister battles state bankruptcy

Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko has described the state of the country's finances as dramatic, comparing them with those of Greece. The conservative daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna welcomes such clear language from the minister: "It is good that Tigipko has started to talk about the true extent of the economic crisis in Ukraine. And it's also good that he's the one doing the talking. If there is one politician on the Dnieper who knows how to prevent state bankruptcy, it's Tigipko. The banker is one of the richest Ukrainians and stands to gain much from the economy's being once more brought under control. If it isn't he will lose not only the foreign investors but also the businesses associated with him. And nothing motivates a Ukrainian politician more than the fear that his own interests could be harmed."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 17/11/2009

Obama enters the school of Realpolitik

With his visit to China US President Barack Obama has shown that he has begun to engage in Realpolitik, the daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna believes: "On Monday there was a dinner with the Chinese leader Hu Jintao during which assurances were given of the [United States'] strategic relations with Beijing. Barack Obama's visit to Asia is the latest evidence that the president of the USA has been transformed from an idealistic politician who is highly skilled at selling himself through the media and who dreams of world peace and harmony into one who has begun to learn the hard lessons of political realism. Obama is aware that the United States, weakened by the crisis and two wars [in Iraq and Afghanistan], must also deal with those who have not read [Alexis de Tocqueville's] 'Democracy in America'."

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