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Paradowska, Janina

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Polityka Online - Poland | 10/09/2014

Tusk: era of a great leader draws to a close

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk handed in his resignation on Tuesday, as he will take take office as EU Council President on December 1. The left-liberal news portal Polityka Online praises Tusk as a great prime minister who cleared many hurdles in his seven years in office: "This marks the end of an era. That of the great party leader who hasn't lost a vote since 2007. He ruled the country at a time when events of historic proportions rocked our country. These include the global financial crisis from which Poland emerged as the only country that did not suffer a recession. And they also include the Smolensk disaster, which not only claimed the lives of many members of our political elite but also posed huge challenges in terms of constitutional law. Then there were two major floods, and now the situation to the east, about which no one knows where it is heading or when it will end."

Polityka Online - Poland | 06/10/2011

Strange election campaign in Poland

According to recent surveys the national-conservative opposition party in Poland, the PiS, has made major advances with voters and may even be able to win the general elections on October 9. The entire election campaign took a very peculiar course, writes the online edition of news magazine Polityka: "Are the parties neck-to-neck, as Tusk explained? Or is the PiS already ahead, as opposition leader Kaczynski claims? This seemed completely unrealistic just a short while ago. It is the surprising end to a very strange campaign. Judging by the extremely high number of polls the night of October 9th could indeed hold a few surprises. In general this election campaign has been written off as the most boring so far. ... Practically everything has been investigated in the course of it: who has which loyal voters, who will reveal their preferences right at the end. ... But still we have learned hardly anything new."

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