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Papp, Réka Kinga

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Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 14/07/2015

Who should take action against Hungary's fence?

Hungarian left-wing parties are appealing to the governments of EU member states to take action against the Orbán government's immigration policy. But they are asking the wrong people for help, writes blogger Réka Kinga Papp on the blog portal Kettős Mérce: "This border fence is inhumane, stupid and a ridiculous waste of money. Its only function is to make life even harder for those who are already in a pitiful situation. … But obeying an old reflex, the Hungarian liberals and left-wingers are appealing to the West. Because the Western governments have themselves long been pursuing and demonising those who leave the chaos of their own countries to seek refuge in states that capitalise on their misery. No, we're not talking about a conspiracy of the Illuminati or the Free Masons, but about the shabby governments and political elites."

Kettős Mérce - Hungary | 31/07/2014

Hungary's poor stopped from having children

Hungary's population has been declining for years according to statistics. The government is preventing the unemployed and low-income earners from having children, journalist Réka Kinga Papp writes on the blog Kettős Mérce: "Many Hungarians have no children because they can't afford it. ... The government is pursuing a barely concealed strategy of eugenics. Having children has become the privilege of the wealthy. ... Family allowance benefits haven't gone up since 2008 and amount to just 12,200 forint [roughly 40 euros]. ... Tax breaks for families, by contrast, only benefit those who have a job and earn a lot. Jobless parents can't benefit from tax breaks, and for low-income earners the whole exercise is more or less a zero sum game."

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